Umbrella Fund

Here’s to us growing old together.

The 27four umbrella fund is a retirement product that allows multiple employers to use a single provident fund structure to help their employees save for retirement, while being managed by a board of professional trustees. The 27four umbrella funds works well for companies that aren’t quite large enough to extract scale benefits from a standalone fund.

Get your funds on our umbrella fund

Our platform allows our appointed CATII managers to add their existing Regulation 28 CIS portfolios and/or life-pooled portfolios as an investment option under our umbrella fund as an option for their clients. This means that you are able to grow your assets in your own funds by attracting employers to join the umbrella fund and invest into your portfolios.

Benefits of having your fund approved under our umbrella fund
  • Ability to increase and grow your AUM in your existing funds
  • Hassle free. You add your fund, we handle all the administration
  • Add an umbrella fund as a pre-retirement product to your marketing campaign
  • Approach your family and friends with existing companies and encourage them to save for retirement by investing in your funds

How do I add my fund?

If you have an existing Regulation 28 CIS or life-pooled portfolio on our platform, contact us for more information on the process to add your fund to our umbrella fund.

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